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3 Easy Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated


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Motivation is the reason or reasons you do something. It is what prompts you to behave a certain way. For example, if you are motivated to get to the next belt rank, you will practice hard both in class and at home. The desire to earn your next belt is your motivation. It is what keeps you going even when it gets tough.

People stay motivated in different ways. For some it’s an internal motivation that keeps them going while others have an external motivation. When you are internally motivated, you do something because it is personally rewarding to you. Examples of this are practicing a sport because you find it enjoyable or solving a puzzle because you find the challenge fun and exciting. If you are externally motivated, you do something to earn a reward or avoid punishment like playing a sport to win or cleaning your room so you don’t get in trouble. Both ways of motivation work well, you just have to determine which is best for you and your goals.

Here are a few ways to keep your motivation high:

  • Set a goal. Setting a goal gives you a clear idea of what you want to accomplish so you can decide the best way to get there.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Practicing will help you achieve your goal and make you feel good about yourself.
  • Create a routine. One of the easiest ways to stay motivated and on track is to set a routine. When you are used to doing something every day, you are more likely to stick with it.

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