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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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You made a commitment to becoming a Black Belt when you joined King Tiger Martial Arts.  You made the decision and commitment, but in the martial arts, as in life, actions speak louder than words!  What else are you doing to demonstrate your commitment to Black Belt excellence?  Below are actions you can take to really show your determination to reach your goal and become one of the elite as a martial arts student.

  1. Attend class! You can not become a Black Belt unless you get into class and train.  If you choose to follow only one of these actions, this is the one it should be!
  2. Be a role model to your fellow students.  Especially those who are in the Leadership program – you are representing the “best of the best” in the martial arts.
  3. Become a martial arts mentor.  Take time to help other students.  Develop a teacher’s view of the martial arts.
  4. Practice! Practice! Practice!  Practicing allows you to perfect the information you learned in class and trains your body to respond habitually when execution a technique.
  5. Support all school functions.  When your school holds special events, these are opportunities for you to diversify your training and become a more well-rounded martial arts student.  Attend special seminars and compete in tournaments as they all offer unique learning experiences.
  6. Walk the talk.  Know the details of the King Tiger Martial Arts student creed and become a walking example of its principles and values.
  7. Be an ambassador for the martial arts.  If you are a dedicated martial artist, then you are no doubt receiving tremendous benefits that you didn’t initially anticipate.  It’s up to you to let others know what martial arts can do for them.  Spread the word!

So how about it?  If you are not already a student here at King Tiger Martial Arts, we would love to give you the opportunity to start yourself on the path of Black Belt Excellence.  Give us a call at 757-410-4999 to get started today!  Join the fun at King Tiger Martial Arts where you’ll experience expert training in a fun, positive and supportive environment suitable for everyone in your family. Or simply fill out the box to your right and take advantage of our FREE 30 Day Trial Membership!

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