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Ambition Is Not A Four-Letter Word

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The words goal, aim, objective, aspiration, dream, hope, desire, purpose, determination, drive and motivation are all synonyms for ambition. Some people think that competition and ambition are not healthy, but when used correctly, they are positive qualities that we should strive to achieve and which make life fun and interesting. When people join an activity and find they like it, they strive to do their best. Whether they compete against others or themselves, their ambition drives them to do their best. Many star athletes say that drive motivates them in all areas of their lives: school, family, career and social.

Most people don’t join a sport with the hopes of becoming the next Paul Hamm, Kelly Holmes or Ian Thorpe, but many do join with the hopes of excelling in their chosen sport. It is what drives them and pushes them to get through the tedium of repetitive drills, the tiresome practices and the stress of competition. People don’t take martial arts with the hopes of staying a white belt or keep the training wheels on their bicycles forever. Sports allow people to challenge themselves; to push ahead and see effort for trying harder.

Gone are the days of illiterate athletes. Nearly all schools have a minimum grade point average to compete and coaches are being challenged to insist that grades are as important as practice. Some schools even use their teams’ grade point averages to encourage prospective students to attend.

Many jobs, including police, fire and military units, use sports to build the camaraderie necessary for their jobs. When you go to a tournament, players that may have nothing else in common, meet and enjoy each other’s company. Ambitious people are magnets for other ambitious people and competition augments that attraction.

Many national sports stars, including Mia Hamm, credit a family member with starting them in their sports. Many kids join a sport, because they have to take another sibling to practice and it’s more fun to play than watch. Olympian Steven Lopez joined martial arts because his brother took lessons. He hopes to compete in the Olympics with all of his siblings on the USA Taekwondo team. Now that’s a family that plays together!

There are some overzealous people that give ambitious people a bad name, but overall ambition makes hard work challenging and fun.

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