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Are You Ready for Belt Promotion?


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Some martial arts students and parents think of belt advancement as identical to the academic school system. Each year, students learn, and then graduate to the next grade. Some students perform better than others. Some are more prepared to continue. Without these regular advancements, students would feel like failures.

Unfortunately, students are sometimes advanced who simply haven’t mastered the material they should have learned. Without consistent practice, skills and techniques are frequently forgotten and lost. This is why too often, in the public school system, a student can graduate without knowing what they should have learned.

In a self-defense scenario, this could prove to be lethal. That is why many martial artists today are not capable of defending themselves, period. The sad reality is if you are not investing the sweat and time, then you will not reach mastery.

If you are placed on the promotion list and can’t perform the techniques required, then you will fail your test. It’s often been said, to succeed, you must first fail. It’s your responsibility, not your teachers’ responsibility, to master the movements.

Remember, it is better to wait than to rush. You don’t need to hurry from one belt level to the next. You don’t need to earn a specific belt within a specific period of time. There is no reason to worry about colors; your progress can be monitored by your ability. As the late Bruce Lee said, “The Belt only holds your gi closed and your pants up, nothing more.”

Before you ask for a promotion, first review your martial arts skills and abilities to determine if you are ready, then test your skills and abilities, and advance.  Good luck to all who are attending belt testing this month and may your skills and abilities shine forth!

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