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This is the time of year when it is very easy to take your eye off the ball or lose focus on the things that really matter. After the holidays have passed and the New Year rolls in, it is easy to forget where our priorities should lie. Take some time to refocus yourself and reevaluate the things you are spending time on.

First, decide what is important and determining what matters is an internal decision process. We all have people in our lives who influence that decision, but ultimately you are the determining factor. You set the stage. You decide what is important and what is not.

If you asked others “What’s important and what should I focus on?” you’ll hear a spectrum of answers as diverse as the people you question: family, work, education, friends, the list goes on. The intention of this article is not to help you determine what should be important (as the article mentioned before, this is an internal decision that can only be made by you), but we can offer some simple steps that should help you stay focused once you decide where your priorities lie during this busy holiday season.

Below are four steps to staying focused:

  1. Keep organized. It seems obvious, but as the days pass by and events, special performances, and the holidays themselves happen, remaining organized will help you stick to your goals.
  2. Make a list. To-do lists are key to staying focused. They act as a road map to getting important things done.
  3. Manage your time. This goes hand in hand with making lists. Keep on track and don’t let others manage your time for you.
  4. Make time for breaks. At first, this may sound counter-intuitive, but breaks allow you to recharge and catch up internally. And remember, staying focused is the key to accomplishment.

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