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Be Patient and Commit to Your Black Belt – King Tiger Martial Arts Chesapeake

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The key to long-term success is to have a longterm perspective. This is especially true in the martial arts. Those that accept this goal, and have the patience, are more likely to commit themselves to earn their Black Belts. Those that are looking for a quick fix, often become impatient and quit.

Almost every positive goal in life takes time to achieve. Earning a Black Belt is no different. You can definitely do it once you set your mind to it. Then, for the remainder of your life, you can live with and benefit from the confidence, attitude, self-discipline and health that true Black Belts have developed. This is a golden Opportunity that could dramatically enhance the quality of your life, forever.

Some students have a hard time picturing themselves as Black Belts. They might say, ”I’m not fit enough to become a Black Belt” or “I’m too old. If I was younger, then I’d try it.” The fact is that earning a Black Belt is a personal accomplishment that almost anyone can achieve with the right amount of determination.

It’s important to realize that time will pass, whether you’re training for your Black Belt or not. Think of it this way: if you’d started your training four or five years ago, then you’d probably be a Black Belt today. If you don’t set a goal to earn your Black Belt, then, several years from now, you’ll still be wishing that you would have pursued your Black Belt goal.

This pattern will repeat itself again and again for as many years as you allow it to happen. Don’t pro-crastinate! The benefits of earning a Black Belt are far too valuable to wait another day.

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