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The Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing

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Our Cardio Kickboxing workout is one of our most popular classes, and it’s something that is guaranteed to really pack a punch.

Cardio kickboxing combines the heart-healthy effects of an aerobics class with the one-two punch factor of martial arts and provides a total body workout. One hour of cardio kickboxing will burn up to 800 calories, providing you the trim and healthy body you desire.

But beyond the enormous calorie burn, there are a ton of other benefits to be gained from cardio kickboxing, including weight loss, coordination, strength building, cardiovascular improvement, stress reduction and self-defense. The workout will increase your heart rate, which will help to burn fat and calories and sharpen your reflexes, improving overall balance.

You will learn punches, kicks and jabs that will come in handy if you should ever encounter a dangerous situation in real life. Our class uses high quality punching bags ensuring you will gain upper and lower body strength from all of the high intensity, high impact movements you make during this workout – all while increasing endurance and improving overall body composition.

And, because cardio kickboxing is a total body exercise, it also is an effective use of your time, as it engages the body’s key muscle groups and builds mental stamina…all in one workout.

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