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Black Belt Attitude


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There is a word that seems to be disappearing from our vocabulary. That word is integrity.  I asked 10 people to tell me what integrity is without looking it up. I got many wonderful answers. The American Heritage® Dictionary defines it as, “a steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.” One person described it as “the absence of goodness” while another said, “If you tell someone you will do something, you somehow get it done.” I define it to children as doing what is right even when no one is looking. No matter how it is defined, many people feel it is a dying principle.

Integrity is not extinct, it is a character trait that people still hold in high regard and look for in others. We can still find ways to instill integrity in our lives and the lives of the children around us. We should develop relationships with people of honest character, and those who are positive role models, especially when choosing your extracurricular activities. Choose activities that all family members can participate in doing and that teach values as a part of the activity. Many scouting, school and sports activities are fun and exciting endeavors that also build character and discipline.

Martial arts is one sport that teaches discipline, respect, perseverance, courtesy, teamwork, cooperation and integrity. It is also a sport the entire family can participate in by enjoying physical fitness with character building skills. You may think that martial arts is no different than any other sport, but how many other sports are taught by someone who has trained for years to instruct others in the physical and mental skills necessary to succeed? It requires much more than a few years of the person’s life to undertake the physical challenge to become a black belt. It also requires a commitment to consistently demonstrate the mental and emotional transformation that truly makes one a black belt.

Martial arts instructors see integrity in the people they teach and train with every day. This allows them to renew their resolve to do what is right, and to display the image that each student will want to emulate. Not everyone who engages in martial arts will come away with a black belt, but the self-discipline confidence and leadership skills taught from the first class will follow each individual into other areas of their lives giving them the black belt attitude.

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