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Black Belt Character

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“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”      ~James D. Miles

Most people return kindness with kindness.  If someone helps you with a project or task, then you’re ready to lend a hand when he or she needs help.  It is easy to be kind and compassionate to those who help you; however, it can be construed as a lack of character to act that way just because you are receiving a kindness in return.

Our martial arts practice teaches us that you demonstrate real character when you are kind to those who do nothing for you.  To have real character, you must treat others as equals and not just those from whom you receive a benefit.  Being kind and compassionate to those around you because it is the right thing to do shows true Black Belt character.  It demonstrates that you are willing to help others, even though they might not help you.

So ask yourself how often do you perform an act of kindness first?  Who is one person you can help this week?  What are you able to do for him or her?  Remember – do what is right because you want to be a better person and because you want to reach your highest potential as a future Black Belt leader.

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