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Black Belt Humility – King Tiger Martial Arts Chesapeake

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As you train towards your black belt, you will no doubt experience exhilarating occasions of personal success. Perhaps your training helped you score an A on that Math test or you received that promotion at work. You have earned these successes and you should feel great! It may seem natural to tell others about your success; however it is equally important to understand the meaning of black belt humility.

Humility in the martial arts dates to its origins.

Students never felt worthy of recognition despite the fact that they trained hard; recognition was always an unexpected honor. There was an understanding that much more needed to be learned, so why get too excited? And although this did not diminish student’s achievements, success was not outwardly celebrated.

Although we certainly do not advocate this type of conservative view today, there are some important lessons we can learn from our martial arts traditions. There is the understanding that there is so much more to learn. Don’t let your head get “too big.”

These “feelings” can be detrimental to your future learning. Be excited, feel proud, but stay focused.

Martial arts training was once very private. Of course, today we encourage you to tell your friends about your training. However, this does not mean “showing off” what you have learned. If you are proud of your skill and think your friends would be interested, encourage them to take an introductory course at the school. Never brag!

When others compliment you on an achievement, remember to say thank you to acknowledge their recognition. Courtesy, respect, and gratitude are quintessential to black belt humility.

Remembering your black belt humility will ultimately help you to become a better martial artist and certainly a better person…especially to those around you!

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