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Bully, Bully Go Away

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When you think of a bully, a larger, meaner kid usually comes to mind. Guess what? Some of those kids don’t outgrow being bullies; some of them grow up to be adults who find pleasure in bullying or intimidating others. Just as they did when they were younger, these bullies attack those they see as smaller or lacking in self-confidence. In the movie Joe Somebody, Tim Allen portrays a grown man who seeks out a martial arts class to conquer the work bully. Although Joe fantasizes about beating up the bully, he learns the brain is the most powerful weapon of all for defeating the bully no matter how old he or she is.

Martial arts seems like the answer to the bully problem, and it can be. However, not for the reason the victim may think. Like Joe, victims think they will become a master at their art and physically attack the bully once and for all. They believe they will “learn to fight and protect themselves.” That might be their original goal, but it’s not what finally chases the bully away.

The physical portion of martial arts is definitely an important component of dealing with the bully problem, but it is really the mental benefits that begin with the first lesson that solves the problem. Do bullies give up bullying? No. They just realize that this self-confident person chooses to no longer be a victim. The former victim’s self-confidence comes from belt-testing, achieving goals, and knowing how to defend him or herself. That confidence shows in the voice, posture and the eye contact. In other words, it shows in all the things a victim is not. martial arts

When people sign up for martial arts classes, they are usually asked why they want to join. Some are too embarrassed to say they feel harassed at work, but the instructors are trained to help with this problem. In fact, some of them originally joined classes because they, too, were being harassed. martial arts

It won’t happen overnight, or even as quickly as a two-hour movie, but after a few months of classes, former victims will feel confident enough to use the martial arts’ mental benefits to walk away, take a stance, ignore or confront the bully. martial arts

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