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Challenge Yourself To Succeed

Kids and Martial Arts

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For some people, success is the attainment of a long-term goal.  For others, it may be the completion of smaller tasks.  Similarly, in martial arts training, achieving Black Belt or “under” belts may be what some students consider being successful; however, succeeding as a martial arts practitioner involves mastering the most basic fundamentals of training. These include attendance, commitment, practice, sharing and health, which lead to continued success as a martial arts student for life.

Attendance: With today’s busy lifestyle, it is sometimes a challenge to attend class twice a week.  Even during the summer, you must attend class, regularly. If you must miss class, then immediately add a replacement to your schedule.  Remember, a drop out begins with the first missed class.  Don’t become a negative statistic; attend class regularly.

Commitment: A student’s motivational level governs his or her level of commitment.  The more important a goal, the more likely you will pursue it.  Select a day each month to reflect on your training and reaffirm your commitment to the martial arts.  Ask yourself what benefits you are receiving and how you’ve become a better person through martial arts.

Practice: While you may train several times per week at the school, schedule mini-workout sessions during the week to review your knowledge.  Self-workouts are personal time, which reinforce what you are learning during class and, most importantly, what you should improve.

Sharing: The martial arts has grown with the spread of knowledge from teacher to student, who then becomes a teacher, and then spreads the knowledge to new students.  The teacher-student relationship in the martial arts is built on honor, respect and gratitude, which often sets the martial arts apart from many other educational relationships.  As a student, look for opportunities to help others and begin your journey as a teacher.  You will prosper from your relationships and your martial arts knowledge will greatly increase.

Health: Martial arts training can provide you with exercise to stay in shape, but you must also eat healthfully to produce optimal training results.

You can achieve these fundamentals to become more confident, healthier and flexible; break bad habits and learn self-defense (to name a few benefits).  Challenge yourself to succeed by focusing on these five key fundamentals.

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