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Combat Hapkido Self Defense System

Self Defense King Tiger Martial Arts Chesapeake

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Combat Hapkido is an extremely realistic and versatile martial art founded by Grandmaster John Peligrini.  Referred to by many as the “science of self defense”, its primary focus is personal self defense.

Combat Hapkido will enable you to defend yourself with practical, easy to learn, safe to practice techniques for the street.  It is NOT a sport based martial art, but a practical and effective martial art system which teaches you to protect yourself should a dangerous situation occur.

This style employs joint locks, pressure points, throws, hand strikes and low-lying kicks.  It trains practitioners to either counter or preemptively strike an imminent attack to defend one ’s self.  In common with many traditional Hapkido styles, it also emphasizes small circular motion, non-resisting movements and control of an opponent through force redirection and varied movement. Practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork, distractive striking and body positioning to employ leverage. The result is a practical, comprehensive self defense system that is enjoyable to learn and truly effective in realistic situations.  It is well suited for adult men and women of all ages and sizes because physical strength and athletic abilities are not essential.

Are you looking for a Self Defense Program that teaches realistic – street smart techniques? Then King Tiger Martial Arts has the Self Defense System for You! We are the ONLY authorized provider of Combat Hapkido in the entire Tidewater Area. This adult class is ideal for everyone ages 12 and above and PERFECT for all physical fitness levels.

You’ll Learn:

  • Situational awareness
  • Effective kicking and striking
  • Joint locks
  • Ground survival skills
  • Weapon defenses
  • And so much more!

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