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Dedication Is The Path To Success – King Tiger Martial Arts Chesapeake

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Dedication is absolutely loving something and doing whatever it takes to keep pushing for that goal.

Dedication means being committed to a task or a purpose. Dedication is having commitment but it is also going above and beyond what you need to do to fulfill your task or purpose at hand. For example, your teachers at school work hard teaching students and being prepared for their daily classes. A teacher that is dedicated finds amazing activities, keeps parents involved, tutors students before and after school and even attends sporting events when invited by students. This dedicated teacher puts their all into their work to make it their best.

To be a dedicated student, whether it be in school or in the martial arts studio, you would practice extra, study harder, do extra credit activities and help your friends and peers exceed as well.

Ask yourself why do some people succeed in martial arts and some give up before reaching their goals of becoming a black belt? One very important factor in being successful is your dedication.

Someone can have all the skills and intelligence needed to become an amazing black belt but if they are not dedicated they may never reach their goals. You must dedicate your time to learning, practicing and perfecting the skill you need to keep reaching each color belt until you have reached your ultimate goal. Even if martial arts is just a hobby you really enjoy, you still have to dedicate yourself to learning self defense, building your character and mastering the physical and mental demands of the sport.

Part of being dedicated is doing the right thing even if you don’t really want to which can include going to martial arts class instead of riding bikes with your friends, or spending 30 minutes a day at home practicing your skills so that you are ready for your next sparring match. Remember, success is determined by the amount of work you put in. If you remain dedicated to your sport, you will reach your goals and succeed.

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