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Develop a “Can Do” Attitude

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“`I can’t do it’ never yet accomplished anything; `I will try’ has performed wonders.”

~ George P. Burnham

One of our biggest adult fears is looking stupid. Because of that fear, our immediate reaction is often “I can’t do it,” when we are confronted with a new task or challenge. “Can’t” is the worst four-letter word for martial artists or anyone. If you say “I can’t earn my Black Belt,” then you are 100% correct.  As soon as you say, “I can’t,” you’ve lost the opportunity to reach your goal forever. You cannot achieve your goals with a “can’t” attitude. You’ve essentially erected a barrier to achievement, reacting without confidence.

When you react to a challenge with “I will try,” your potential is unlimited. Unless you try, you will never succeed, so you must change “I can’t,” to “I will try,” and your opportunities will be endless. Remember, you wouldn’t be here unless you were willing to try martial arts for the first time, which proves you have an “I-will-try” attitude. So whenever you start to say, “I can’t,” during the next week, it is your job to change your mind and say, “I will try!”  Never lose that attitude, and you will begin to replace “I can’t” with “I tried AND I succeeded.”

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