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Do You Have a Winning Attitude?


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When did winning become a negative thing?  When did we as a society decide that self-esteem is based on everyone winning all the time and no one can ever lose?  Life simply does not work this way.  Self esteem is built upon an individual’s successive small gains/wins and the necessary self correction provided by losing.  If we are to produce successful winners in life it only stands to reason that we must participate in smaller events which teach us how to deal with the heartache of losing and the joy of winning.  These lessons are enacted daily within the Martial Arts environment.  Here at King Tiger Martial Arts we strive to produce winners in life through constant challenge and strong character development.  Listed below are the Ten Qualities of a Total Winner as written by Dennis Waitley author of the Psychology of Winning. 

Ten Qualities of a Total Winner

1.  Positive self awareness and eager to learn.  Winners are honest with themselves. And they show empathy towards others and adapt to the stresses in life.

2. Positive self-esteem is one of the most important and basic qualities of a winning person.  It is a deep down feeling of your own self worth.

3. Positive self-control means taking full responsibility for determining your actions.  The philosophy that life is a “do-it-yourself” program, making decisions, not procrastinating.

4. Positive self-motivation is a force that moves us to action.  People who want to change the “status quo” and move in the direction of goals.

5. Positive self-expectancy – Winners expect to win. They have the desire to win, self-control to make it happen, and are prepared to win.

6.  Positive self-image determines personality and behavior.  People do not behave in accordance with reality but rather with the perception of reality.

7. Positive self-direction is a game plan for life.  Winners are goal and role oriented.  They are self-directed on the road to fulfillment. Goals are targets you are shooting for.

8.  Positive self-discipline are the daily actions you take that will help you achieve your goals. This alone can make or break a habit.

9.  Positive self-dimension is looking beyond yourself and gaining the respect of others.  Winners create other winners without exploiting them.

10. Positive self-projection is being naturally open and friendly.  Projecting confidence.  First impressions are powerful and create lasting attitudes.

So now ask yourself, “Am I a Winner?”