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Let’s be honest. We all need exercise, but all too often we find every excuse not to. We adopt the thought process expressed in a funny meme that says “I exercised once, but found out I was allergic to it. My skin flushed and my heart raced. I got sweaty and short of breath. Very dangerous.” As funny as that is, let’s look at why people choose not to exercise. Just like anything else, it is a choice! You choose to exercise or not. Most people don’t exercise because they simply don’t enjoy it. It’s not captivating or entertaining. There are a million things they would rather be doing than walking/running on a treadmill or trying to operate the weight machines in the gym. Most do not have the discipline to stick with anything they do not enjoy doing. Now, if only there were things we could do to keep us active that we actually enjoyed! Well, you’re in luck. There are so many options out there that you may not have thought about. Let’s take a look at some ways we can stay active that do not involve the traditional gym equipment.

Group fitness classes

You most likely have heard of group fitness classes. They have been around for a long time. However, nowadays there are multitudes of group fitness options out there for you to choose from that cater to the various levels of fitness. From options with dancing (Zumba, Bokwa) to classes with martial arts elements (Cage Fitness, Cardio Kickboxing), you are bound to find an option that piques and keeps your interest. Plus, with so many options, when you get bored with one, you can always find another. Most places will give you a free trial class, so do some research and find out what is offered in your area. Ask about anything that will allow you to try a class before you commit to signing up. These classes are a great option for those wanting to exercise in a more social setting. Get out there with your friends and/or family and have fun!

Group sports

Find a sports league. From leagues like soccer and softball to revisiting your glory days in elementary school as king or queen of kickball, there are options for everyone. There are even coed leagues you can join with your significant other. Whether you enjoyed a sport when you were younger or always wished you had tried, it’s not too late to get back out there. There are also less competitive, recreation leagues out there for those who want something a little tamer. Give one a shot. If you are enjoying yourself, stick with it, if not, pick a different sport. You have options. This is also a great social activity. This is something you can do with friends and family members as well as significant others. Activities are a lot more fun when we are doing them with friends. The same holds true
for fitness.

Find an activity, interest or hobby

If group fitness classes or group sports are not your thing, find something that keeps you moving. You may have a hobby that you used to enjoy that you can pick back up. Or get out there and discover a new hobby or passion that you can develop over time. Dust off your bike that’s sitting in the corner of your garage and go for a ride. Grab your skateboard or rollerblades and head outside. Check out Groupon and Living Social. There are so many deals that will allow you to try different activities — things like rock climbing, dancing, paddle boarding, or canoeing. You can find something!

Just like anything else, the key to success is to take action. Find one activity that captivates you or try several different ones that interest you. Try to involve your friends, family and significant others as well. That will only increase your chances of sticking with something. Remember, you won’t know until you try! Be adventurous and try new things. You can do it, and today is a great day to start!

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