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Find The Right School


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Finding the right martial art school can be challenging. There are so many different styles and it seems like there is a school on every corner. We all know that involvement in a martial art helps children develop discipline, confidence and respect. We also know it teaches adults self-defense, fitness principles, and other healthy lifestyle habits. But, how can you know which school will be best for yourself and your child?

When trying to find the right martial art school, make sure you know what you want. Are you looking for yourself? Are you looking for your child? What benefits, specifically, are you wanting? Are you more interested in self-defense or relaxation? Do you want your child to participate in martial art competitions? Whatever the reasons, if you are looking for a martial art school, the tips below will make your search easier.

1. Visit — Go to various schools and meet with the instructor(s). Do you feel comfortable there? Are they friendly? Does your child feel comfortable? What does the school look and smell like? Does it seem clean? It is very important to make sure you feel comfortable in the school.

2. Try a class — Before joining a school, try either a private class with an instructor or a group class. Most schools will offer a free private or group class, and feeling comfortable with the instruction and teaching methods will make the learning process easier.

3. Style doesn’t necessarily matter — Remember the reason you are looking for a school. Most styles of martial arts will accomplish most goals, especially if your goals are self-defense, conditioning or confidence.

4. Rank — Choosing a school based solely on the rank of the instructors isn’t always the best option. It is important to know how long your instructor has been training, and where he or she has trained. Ask how long the instructor you will be working with has been teaching, as well.

5. More than kicking and punching — During your visit, make sure your school does more than just the physical side of martial arts. Some of the best schools teach life skills, get involved in the community, and talk with their students about behavior outside the school, as well as inside.

At the end of the day, you want to find a school you are comfortable in. The best instructors in the world have a hard time teaching someone who is uncomfortable. Make sure the school’s culture and atmosphere fit you.

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