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How Are Your Ethics?

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“Great people have great values and great ethics.” ~ Jeffrey Gitomer

Ethics are the moral principles for why we act the way we do. Our ethics influence the way we act and the decisions we make. It is dealing with what is right and wrong and acting in a moral way. In our dojo, it is important to have strong ethical beliefs and act on them. For example, we may have a tough decision to make, and we should use our ethics to decide what is best, even if it is not what is best for us personally. Using our ethics will always leave us feeling good about our actions because we know we did the right thing.

Part of being ethical is always trying your hardest and giving your all. Working hard and being ethical go hand in hand. You should do this at home, school and in your martial arts class. When hard work is part of your ethical standard, you always give 100% and expect those around you to do the same. Being ethical and working hard will set you up for success. For example in our dojo, if we always do the right thing and always give our all, we will continue to get better.

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