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Kickboxing – The Top 3 Reasons Why It Is Better Than Every Other Group Workout You Will Ever Do | King Tiger Martial Arts Blog – Chesapeake VA

Kickboxing – The Top 3 Reasons Why It Is Better Than Every Other Group Workout You Will Ever Do

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The explosive techniques of kickboxing are the short path to boosting your metabolism and turning your entire body into a excess fat melting furnace. According to a recent Newsweek Publication article, not only will you burn significantly more energy than the other well-known varieties of health and fitness routines such as jogging, weight lifting, and aerobics, but you also will speed up your rate of metabolism right after the course is over and then some.


  • Cardiovascular Workout-It’s pretty obvious that you will get your heart pumping in a kickboxing class…the different timed intervals and constant movement will make your heart feel like it’s lifting weights!  And so not as boring as running on a treadmill!
  • Resistance Workout- Using your body as the weight, kickboxing offers a resistance work out that will help build muscle!  Not just on the bags, but with handweighted punches and kicks that will sculpt arms and legs and give your body functional strength that will help you in your everyday life, as well as make you look good!

  • Flexibility- It’s not just for yoga junkies!  Being able to use your body and arms and legs with explosive techniques, and practicing them while progressing in difficulty increases everyday flexibility.  The various kicks involved in American and Muay Thai kickboxing help all the muscles in the hips and legs to maintain strength and flexibility.


There are NO boring Kickboxing classes.  Between the pumping music, the constant motion and concentration it takes to execute your technique the right way, you will be surprised when class is over.  Kickboxing classes also offer education on self-defense moves as well as giving you the confidence to execute them. Also surrounding yourself with strong, motivated individuals doesn’t hurt either.  We are all in this together, and it makes the time go by quickly to have everyone cheering each other on.  Kickboxing is a sport, and sports are fun!!  Even if you have no desire to compete or even spar an opponent, these classes will get in you in fighter shape….and you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even notice that you got your running, weight lifting and yoga class ALL IN ONE AWESOME CLASS!

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