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King Tiger Martial Arts Chesapeake – Kids Sparring Drill Video

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In any martial arts, technique is vital to learning the martial art, as well as winning more competitions.  We learn technique through practice, starting slow and eventually being able to memorize those movements with our bodies.  True technique comes with practice and routine.  When your technique is solid and you add speed, power will be there.  If all you do is concentrate on power, you are slower and more predictable.  By taking the basic martial arts techniques you learn in class and applying them in controlled fighting situations, you’ll learn how you react under pressure.

Unfortunately, many students are afraid to engage in uncontrolled sparring with another student.  They don’t want to get hit, and they don’t want to do what it takes to learn how to counter and defend themselves.  Sparring drills are designed to help reluctant students work their way up to free sparring and thus enhance their performance in combat and competition.  Many martial artists will tell you that after the initial apprehension, they actually enjoy sparring.  Free sparring requires a multitude of skills, including control, power, timing and precision.  It can take years of practice, but with persistence, practice and the utilization of sparring drills you can develop and use these skills quite effectively in your martial arts training.

Follow the link below to see an example of one of our Kids Sparring Drills starring four year-old Kiley Hudson as she works with Instructor E on her round kicks.

Click on this link now – http://youtu.be/uM8FRRBRFI0

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