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Make Martial Arts Your Exercise – King Tiger Martial Arts Chesapeake

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Exercise is as important a daily routine as brushing your teeth. Thirty minutes or more of martial arts training during most days is all you need to improve your fitness level and skills. It’s an easy way to make martial arts practice time your exercise time.

Many children in the U.S. spend more time watching TV every year than they spend in school. Turn off the TV for 30 minutes each day and practice your martial arts.

This will help you stay trim and prepare you for your next belt test.

Martial arts helps you maintain a healthy weight by burning calories. Think of your body as an engine in a car. Just as a car needs fuel and energy to do its job, your body needs the energy you obtain by eating nutritious foods. That energy helps you to stay active
and accomplish your goals. You’ll burn calories and increase your metabolism.

Metabolism is the body’s process for burning fat. When you exercise, your body works harder and needs more fuel (calories). Even after you stop your exercise, your body continues to burn calories at a higher rate for a few hours. The harder you exercise
and practice your martial arts, the more calories you burn.

Ask your instructor to help you create a 30-minute martial arts fitness workout. The workout should include all of your belt requirement material.

Finish your workout with some basic exercises, such as push-ups and sit-ups.

Watching TV tends to encourage snacking because you are exposed to many commercials that promote sugary snacks and cereals.

Eat too many of those snacks and you’ll gain weight. Turn off the TV, and practice you martial arts, instead. You’ll learn how to control you weight and be ready for your next belt test.

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