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Why Martial Artists Don’t Find Themselves in Trouble


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All martial arts have two important features: self-defense and, more important, the perfection of character.

The simple fact is that anyone can fight, once he or she is angry enough.

To use your body effectively as a weapon, however, takes training and time. Yes, everyone can learn a few simple techniques that may help him or her to evade or survive an assault.

Correct martial arts training prepares the mind and body to respond to unexpected situations. A good martial artist tends to be as much an expert at avoiding confrontations as dealing with them.

Part of this effect relates to what martial artists call centering. Most martial artists are not looking for a fight, nor do they adopt habits that make them easy targets. It’s a bit like a “predator” effect. In nature, most predatory animals do not hunt other predators. It is not safe or easy. Human criminals and violence-prone individuals realize that other predators are not easy pickings, so they seek easier targets (most of the time).

The martial arts are valuable to self-defense if you train properly. You don’t have to be a super-skilled martial artist to defend yourself effectively. You do need to know the arts of detection, evasion, and survival.

A good self-defense course includes instruction on how to use the fight-flight response to your advantage, and “go-to” techniques that work when you’re under the intense pressure of attack.

While the exciting moves of a Jean Claude Van Damme are fun to watch and practice, they are just that—fun. In reality, the moves you’ll need for practical self-defense are much simpler and easier to execute effectively, with training and practice. Often, the most effective weapon of martial artists is their minds and mental development and the confidence they’ve developed to avoid problems before they begin.

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