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Why Martial Arts?


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Why martial arts? There are so many activities that adults and children can do to stay in shape, relieve stress, increase focus, and have fun. But there are not many, if any, that offer all of these benefits in the same activity. So often we hear about a great workout at the gym, but the person quits after a month because it wasn’t fun. How about the basketball coach who is more interested in winning and making basketball champs, rather than teaching life skills, like sportsmanship, and creating winners in life (not basketball)?

Other activities and sports are great and we do not discourage them, but the martial arts are truly special. Let’s use basketball as an example. A student learns basketball and often picks up fitness and life skills along the way. In martial arts training, a student learns life skills hand-in-hand with learning martial arts. They are equal and cannot be separated. Adults that train in martial arts gain the following benefits:

1. Physical fitness

2. Stress relief

3. Self-defense

4. Leadership skills

5. Fun and social networking

6. Weight loss

7. Sense of accomplishment

8. Learn an art

Children can hope to take advantage of the following:

1. Improved concentration skills

2. Better grades and increased focus

3. Physical fitness

4. Self-defense

5. Stranger danger awareness

6. Fun activity

7. Good sportsmanship

8. Gain self-discipline

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