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Martial Arts – Try It!


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Colder weather is creeping up on us and what better way to stay warm and active than doing martial arts with your children! Think about it — not only will you have a chance to participate with your children in an activity they enjoy, but chances are you’ll love it too. Think of all the benefits martial arts training offers adults.

First, it’s a great form of exercise, but don’t forget all the other physical benefits of martial arts training, including self-defense, losing weight, and looking better. Yes, they are two different things. Exercise is great to lose weight, but looking good and getting in shape are actually two different benefits. In martial arts, you’ll do both.

Also, the benefit of simple stretching shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you’re inactive. Flexibility through regular stretching can help prevent injuries, but the benefits don’t end on the physical side of things.

There are great mental benefits as well. Stress relief is among the top mental benefits. Nothing can relieve stress like good, fun exercise and the fact that you’re punching and kicking a bag doesn’t hurt either.

Of course, martial arts is a fun activity in a social environment. If you want to say, “I work out at the gym,” don’t worry. Many of our adult members use our school as a great way to cross-train and keep their workouts exciting.

All of this said the main reason you may want to train is to have more in common with your children, but the above reasons are just a few of the additional benefits.

Our school has great family programs and you can try a free trial class to see if this is a family activity that interests you. Don’t let your size, shape, or fitness level stop you from trying a class. Use this newsletter as an invitation to kick start your winter workout. It would be an honor if you kick start it with us! Give us a call right now at 757-410-4999 to get started today!  Join the fun at King Tiger Martial Arts where you’ll experience expert training in a fun, positive and supportive environment suitable for everyone in your family. Or simply fill out the box in the upper right corner and take advantage of our FREE 30 Day Trial Membership!

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