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Peer Pressure

Young Woman Being Bullied

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Every child, at some point in their young life, is going to be subjected to peer pressure. As a parent, how you handle peer pressure with your child will play a significant role in how they handle it when they become adolescents. Here are several ways you can help your child combat negative peer pressure:

Teach your child how to refuse offers for cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Making your child comfortable with what they can say goes a long way. For instance, shy adolescents might be more comfortable saying, “no thanks,” or “I have to go,” while those who are more outgoing might say something like, “forget it!” or “no way!” No matter what approach you choose, it is important to role-play peer pressure situations with your child.

Talk to your child about how to avoid undesirable situations or people who break the rules. Children and adolescents who are not in situations where they feel pressure to do negative actions are far less likely to do them. Likewise, those who choose friends who do not smoke, drink, use drugs, steal and lie are far less likely to do these things as well.

Remind children there is strength in numbers. When young people can anticipate stressful peer pressure situations, it’s helpful if they bring friends for support.

Nurture strong self-esteem. Strong self-esteem helps children and adolescents make decisions and follow them, even if their friends do not think some choices are “cool.” Some ways you can do this include being generous with praise, teaching your child how to perceive themselves in positive ways and avoiding criticism that takes the form of ridicule or shame.

Just remember: the more open communication you have with your child, the less likely negative peer pressure will have a big impact!

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