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Perseverance and Pleasure


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Anyone who achieves a Black Belt level of excellence knows what the word perseverance means. To have perseverance is to last and last and … well you get the idea! To have perseverance is to be completely committed to climbing a mountain, and to know that it takes one step at a time to get to the top. And just as important is to be aware as you move up the mountain, that your goal is to find pleasure in each step you take, no matter how small.

If you’re the parent of a martial arts student, then you need to have perseverance to make it through the hundreds of classes you’re going to sit through — and the tests, demonstrations, special events and everything else it takes for your child to earn their black belt. But, your wisdom and strength doesn’t reside in your rugged stamina, it exists in your awareness that this is the best part of the journey!

If you’re an adult martial artist and you’re committed to becoming a black belt (or second, third, fourth or higher degree) then you know that it’s going to take a good deal of perseverance to reach your goal. But the key is to know that your finest accomplishment isn’t only in reaching the top, but in your ability to enjoy the journey. Perseverance without pleasure is just an endurance event.

The trick is to be aware now, not just later, that this step-by-step process, this climbing the mountain is where you should be finding the most brilliant pleasure. You’re going to look back on all of this and think, “Those were some of the best times of my life!”

So have perseverance, but don’t make it just another endurance event, enjoy the climb!

By the way, if you’re the parent of a student and would like to do more than sit on the sidelines and watch your child have all the fun, just mention the fact to one of our staff members and you’ll receive a guest pass to try lessons for yourself!

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