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Personal Power through Martial Arts

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At the core of Martial Arts Training is the act of claiming your own personal power.  Know that authentic power is your birthright, so it’s time to become more self-actualized.  You don’t need to be arrogant or demanding, just conscious and self-directed in your personal choices.

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to assume the power in your own life – especially when you’ve been in the habit of giving it away.  But if you let others control key issues, you allow them to direct your energy and destiny, too.

Our training in the Martial Arts teaches us to let go of submissive, victimizing mentalities.  These will render you powerless under the false belief that others have the right to decide how your life should go.  If necessary, take little steps to get your strength back.  Remind yourself that you’re the authority in your own life.  Speak your mind.  Be honest with others and yourself, and have the courage to follow your own chosen path.  The more you take action on your own behalf, the more the world will take action for you.

If you are a current student, choose to empower yourself now by extending the lessons you’ve learned in your Martial Arts training into other areas of your life.  Live with integrity, strength, and discipline as you go about the many decisions of your day.  From choosing what you prioritize to how you interact with others, allow yourself to be mighty!

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