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If you haven’t noticed, portions are getting out of control. From restaurants to vending machine snacks, the amount of food in one meal or package has only gotten larger. Even at home, if you are like many people out there, a serving of whatever you are eating or drinking is determined by the size of the spoon you are serving with or the container your beverage is in. We base things off of how hungry we are and not on the actual amount we should be consuming.

It’s alarming how many people don’t actually know what portions or servings of food they should be eating. This becomes an even larger issue with higher calorie foods. Do some homework and look up the caloric values of each of your favorite meals when dining out. You may be in for a huge shock.

Controlling portions will help you to avoid eating more calories than you should and as a result will help you lose or maintain weight. Here are some tips to help.

  • When dining out, consider splitting the meal with a friend or family member. You can also eat half of your meal and pack the rest for another time. If you don’t have the will power for that yet, ask the server to pre-pack half of your meal to go prior to bringing it out.
  • When eating in, serve your meal on a smaller plate. This will make the meal appear larger than it is and help you avoid piling on too much food. Also consider keeping the excess food off the table and out of reach. This tactic may also help you avoid overeating.
  • When in front of the TV, eating can get out of control. Mindlessly snacking as you watch the game, movie or show is common. To avoid this, don’t eat directly out of the package. Instead, place a serving of what you want to eat in a separate container. This will help you to stay more conscious of what and how much you
    are eating.
  • Snack away, within reason that is! You should be eating healthy snacks in between meals. Not only will this keep your metabolism going, but it may also prevent overeating during your next meal.
  • Easy access. Think about it. Why do they put candy and snacks near the registers at the store? Why are all of the kid’s cereals and such on the lower shelves? To keep it in front of you and them. If they were on the top shelf, you wouldn’t see them as much and most likely not buy them. Apply that concept in your home. Put the healthy foods within reach and at eye level. Place your less healthy and unhealthy foods on the top shelf or in the back of the refrigerator or freezer. If they are out of sight you will likely consume them less frequently.

A little knowledge can go a long way! Start paying attention to how much you are eating and make a conscious effort to control it. Use the above tips to help and take it one step at a time.

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