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Quiz – How Fit is Your Family? – King Tiger Martial Arts Chesapeake


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When you made martial arts training part of your family lifestyle, you made a commitment to working to achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit for you and your family. The martial arts provide the kind of structure and commitment that will serve both children and adults well in every area of their lives. However, true overall fitness requires more than attending a class a few nights a week or watching what you eat—it’s an entire lifestyle. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) points to research that shows “lifestyle activities” such as martial arts, biking, swimming and hiking have a greater impact on weight loss in overweight children than other activities, and even more so when the whole family is involved.

Take the quiz below to find out how fit your family truly is.

1. Members of your family usually watch television, play video games and/or play on the computer:

A. Whenever they want.
B. About 2 hours a day.
C. A maximum of 7 hours per week.

2. Your family takes part in scheduled structured physical activities (martial arts, sports, swimming, dance, etc.):

A. Never. We’re not athletes.
B. One day per week.
C. Three or more times per week.

3. Your family goes on a post-dinner walk together:

A. Never.
B. Once a week.
C. Every night, weather permitting.

4. Your family’s weekends are spent:

A. Resting and relaxing.
B. Rushing everyone around to their various activities, lessons, birthday parties, etc.
C. Getting some fresh air together with a day of outdoor family fun—hiking, bicycling, etc.

5. Your family’s ideal family vacation would include:

A. A full-service cruise with a pool to lounge by, plenty of buffet meals and separate entertainment options for each family member.
B. A trip to a theme park with lots of rides and fried foods.
C. Plenty of activities like sight-seeing, skiing, hiking, etc. with a bit of rest and relaxation.

6. When running errands as a family, you:

A. Don’t do errands together. Everyone goes their separate ways while a parent takes care of the errands.
B. Spend your day hunting for the best parking spot and getting in and out as quickly as possible.
C. Park once and walk from store to store, or, when possible, walk to the store from home.

7. Your family’s evening meals are:

A. On the go, usually fast food.
B. Late at night after we get home from all our activities and consisting of whatever is easiest to prepare.
C. A time for the family to come together to prepare healthy favorites.

Now add up your answers:

A: ___ x 3 = ___ total

B: ___ x 2 = ___ total

 C: ___ x 1 = ___ total

Add all three totals together to get your final score: ____


7-10 = You are doing a fantastic job maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. Not only are you active, but you’re active together. Look at areas where you could help enforce your family’s healthy lifestyle by making sure there are healthful choices both in and outside the home. By giving proper attention to these seemingly small parts of everyday life, you’re respecting your commitment to a healthy family.

11-14 = You’re off to a good start, but should consider how some family fitness time could give you the opportunity for some extra exercise while spending quality time together. Also look at how you could amend some of your own habits—having a more regular sleep schedule or choosing nutritious foods to cook together—to give your family a better example of healthy living being an achievable lifestyle.

15-21 = By getting involved in martial arts, you’re taking the first step towards a healthy lifestyle for your family. The next step is to carry that commitment into other areas of your life that will improve your family’s overall mental, emotional and physical health. Family activities, regular exercise and healthy food choices are important. Even if not every member of your family is “athletic” by traditional standards, they can still find martial arts programs and other activities to fit their needs.

Ask yourself what you can do differently starting today to make overall fitness an important part of your family’s lifestyle!

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