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Random Fact of the Month – Laughing Your Way to Fitness | King Tiger Martial Arts Blog – Chesapeake VA

Random Fact of the Month – Laughing Your Way to Fitness


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It’s proven that exercise and a healthy lifestyle positively impacts your mood, but did you know that your mood can positively impact your health? Laughing can do more than put a smile on your face—it can improve your health as well. One study conducted at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville found that laughing out loud increased metabolism by 20%, and 10 to 15 minutes of laughter burned 10 to 40 calories, about the equivalent of one Hershey’s Kisses chocolate. While this obviously doesn’t mean that it’s okay to ditch your martial arts class for a Three Stooges marathon, it is proof that having a healthy sense of humor truly is healthy for you.

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