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Self Confidence

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The only one way to build self-confidence is to experience success, and then being continually challenged to overcome more substantial obstacles.  Your school’s belt or ranking system is one of the unique ways martial arts is able to help you build self-confidence. Being recognized for your advancement with a new belt color makes it easy to track your progress. It also challenges you to expand and perfect your skills, including your physical and character development.

Each rank you earn presents you with new challenges that must be overcome to accomplish the specific requirements of your next rank. Your instructor makes a major contribution to your self-confidence. He or she has the knowledge and skills to help you face challenges that you may think are insurmountable.

He or she will help you set long-term goals to overcome those challenges, and then separate those long-term goals into intermediate and short-term goals. You’ll find it much easier to focus on those smaller goals, until you’ve accomplished the long-term goal.

This is unique to martial arts training and doesn’t exist in virtually any other activity, such as seasonal athletics: baseball, soccer, football, etc. They all have values, such as teamwork and cooperation; however, they also have static sets of skills that team members learn, and then must practice regularly to become more efficient and effective.

In your martial arts class, you develop similar physical skills: kicks, punches, etc., but there is also a constant opportunity to overcome new challenges that not only help perfect the skills you’ve learned, but also teach you new skills. You’ll become more motivated because you’re always learning something new. You’ll also build your self-confidence faster because when you are faced with new challenges, you’ll have the self-confidence to overcome them because you’ve done it before!

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