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Self-Discipline: Fitness, Safety, Health


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Self-discipline is an essential tool for our success in life. With this life skill, anything is possible but without it, very little is ever accomplished. For example — now that it’s February — have you considered how many of your New Year’s resolutions you’ve really stuck with? Do you have the self-discipline to follow through on the commitments you’ve made to yourself? Sadly, commitments to ourselves are often the hardest to keep. It’s much easier to let yourself down than to let someone else down.

Like all of the building blocks of success, self-discipline is acquired by life’s experience. Exposure to good leadership often leads to becoming self-disciplined. There are two types of discipline, positive and negative.

An example of positive discipline would be a parent, teacher, or martial art instructor encouraging students to do their homework. They know that doing homework will result in a more intelligent individual while developing a self-disciplined study habit.

An example of negative discipline is a parent or teacher telling someone not to smoke while they have a pack of cigarettes in their pocket. “Do as I say, not as I do,” may get temporary results but chances are it won’t truly encourage the child to avoid smoking.

Although discipline is an important step toward the development of self-discipline, it’s only effective when delivered from a positive example. Positive self-discipline is achieved through exposure to positive acts of discipline. These examples usually come from people we look up to. Do students in this school look to you as a role model? Instructors at King Tiger Martial Arts strive to be positive role models and examples of positive discipline. As parents or role models, I hope you will do the same.

Each day we experience conscious and subconscious actions of self-discipline. From our subconscious acts like brushing our teeth to our eating and exercise habits, we’re continuously involved with acts of discipline. Aside from subconscious actions, we also make conscious choices of using self-discipline. We’re all confronted from time to time with desires that are either not in our best interests or in the best interests of others. We have the ability to make a conscious choice to use self-discipline and to do the responsible thing.

Self-discipline is a strong personal value we must work to develop. Undisciplined individuals look for ways to escape responsibility. People with self-discipline are hardworking, motivated and become high achievers. In our martial art school, self-discipline is a quality we seek both in our Black Belts, and those who aspire for higher rank. Anything is possible when we apply self-discipline.

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