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Setting Goals to Achieve More!

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Twenty years ago, a Harvard University professor conducted a study, asking approximately 100 people how many of them set goals. Only 2% set goals and worked toward them. Twenty years later he re-interviewed the same group and found that the 2% who had set goals accomplished more, and had a net worth 10 times higher than the rest of the group: quite a powerful testimonial for goal-setting.

Usually, the New Year is a time to set goals and plan for the upcoming year. Many people have high expectations of what they want to accomplish: lose weight, eliminate debt, become a better person or quit smoking or some other bad habit.

They set their goals and start a quest for self-perfection. Simply setting a goal is not enough, however. Without your M.A.P. (Massive Action Plan), you are not armed for the battle. Your MAP is the plan that takes you from start to finish. People who fall short of accomplishing goals may not have had a clear plan of how to reach the end result. For instance, not only must you set a goal, but also you must develop a plan, take consistent action, work with a success coach, review your progress and renew your goal. I teach my students that goal setting and follow through are imperative to success, whether achieving your Black Belt or having the best marriage possible.

Consider, for example, the goal of losing weight. This is an admirable goal if you weigh more than your ideal weight; so how do you do it? You must have a diet and exercise plan, and daily activities: aerobics, martial arts or walking. It’s very important to find a success coach to push you and keep you on track. Act consistently every day and work toward your goal. It takes 21 days to develop a good habit, so be consistent. Review your progress. Take the time to recognize the steps you are taking. Acknowledge your accomplishments. If you have none, then reassess your plan. Renew your goal. This step is important because it helps you achieve the goal by realizing why you set it in the first place.

Goal setting is like a science; so set your goals and perform the activities to move forward. It is easier than 1–2–3.

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