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Small Changes, Big Impact!


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It’s exciting to see how tiny changes can have a huge impact on our overall diet and wellness.  Those small changes are surprisingly easy to learn and implement daily, as we begin our walk through the New Year.

Examples of small changes that could have a great impact on your health: Reduce the amount of sugar in your tea; replace the mayonnaise on your sandwich with mustard; train an extra day each week; take that fun kickboxing class you’ve been considering; take the stairs instead of the elevator; park on the far side of the parking lot, or commit to train with your child in class.

It’s the accumulation of these small modifications to your routine that will make significant differences in your diet and energy level. In addition, each time you make a healthful decision, you reaffirm your commitment to improving your health and wellbeing. Your body will thank you for fueling it with good food and adopting a healthier lifestyle. You’ll feel like a finely tuned automobile rather than a car that merely goes (most of the time) when you push the accelerator.

Give your year a jump-start. Identify parts of your diet and activities that could be improved. Then, decide to commit to those changes; and implement them! Start slowly, and add more as you feel more comfortable with the changes you’ve already made. Good luck in 2020!

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