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Taking Responsibility – King Tiger Martial Arts Chesapeake

Devon Buckley, participtaes in a karate tournament at Somers High School April 18, 2010. The tournament sponsored by Jim Smith Karate was to raise money for the Walsh family of Somers who lost their home in a fire last month. "We just wanted to do something special for them and get the the rest of the community involved" said owner Jim Smith. Mike Walsh was on hand to watch the competition and expressed his thanks to the community " They housed us, they fed us and they clothed us." ( Frank Becerra Jr. / The Journal News )

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George Washington Carver, American botanist and scientist, stated,  “Ninety-nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.”

Have you ever noticed that successful people share a lot of common traits? They are confident. They are skilled leaders. But they also take responsibility for their actions—without making excuses. Everyone make mistakes. Making a mistake is nothing more than a lesson to be learned. You must learn to be responsible for your actions and mistakes. Successful people know there may be reasons why their actions are unsuccessful, but they don’t excuse their failures or “pass the buck.” They know the “buck” stops with them.

It is easy to make an excuse. You received a bad grade on a test, so you blame your teacher. You don’t win first place at a tournament, so the judges hate you. But when your are responsible, you must also be willing to have the “buck” stop with you. Though it may be initially challenging, taking responsibility for your actions always pays in the end. Once you accept the consequences of your actions, you can fix them. However, every excuse just takes you further from a solution.

You’ll never succeed or become better, if you blame others. When you are responsible, you can be a better student and martial artist. Did you receive a bad grade in school? Study harder next time. Didn’t win first place at the tournament? Practice more and ask for help. Every time you accept responsibility for a mistake or unsuccessful consequences, you are one step closer to experiencing Black Belt

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