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The Heart of a Champion

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Why do we see some people succeed while others do not? What is that intangible thing called “The Heart of a Champion”?  More importantly what does it take to develop the Heart of a Champion?

Being a champion is more than winning and losing. Being a champion is about having a winning attitude in life even when things do not turn out perfectly. It’s about developing the personal character and attitude that is required to succeed in all that you do.

These are the traits we at King Tiger Martial Arts believe define a champion:

Five traits of a champion

1. Champions know the final score does not necessarily measure winning.

2. Champions lead so that others can follow.

3. Champions dedicate themselves to prepare for success.

4. Champions get up one more time than they have been knocked down.

5. Champions may fail…but they never quit!

There is no doubt that one of the most outstanding traits someone who has the heart of a champion displays is an unwillingness to quit. This is more than just stubbornness. It takes a deep commitment to your goals, dreams and duties. It is where preparation meets opportunity and you are ready. It is where you keep on pushing even when you don’t feel like it or when it doesn’t seem like you are making any progress.

You can be assured that every champion you see winning or succeeding has had many days when they thought they would never win or when they lost and wanted to give up. But they didn’t give up and that is what makes them champions. They have conquered in spite of all the odds. Failure is not an option!

Martial Arts training prepares the mind and body to set and achieve goals beyond our expectations.  It provides a framework upon which our character is developed and tested so that we carry the traits of a champion beyond the mat and into the rest of our lives.  Many parents believe that the training their children receive at King Tiger Martial Arts is the most profound and life-changing thing they could provide for their children.

So how about you… Are you developing the Heart of a Champion?