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The Philosophy of Black Belt Character – King Tiger Martial Arts Chesapeake

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Your character is one of your most valuable possessions.  Character is a combination of human qualities, such as honesty, integrity and selflessness that define who you are, how others perceive you and your future successes or failures. Black Belt character is even more powerful and important than “regular” character.

The philosophy of Black Belt character includes using common sense, doing what is best for others and not expecting a reward when you act as you should.  Black Belt character means making the best possible decision in every situation.  As a Black Belt, it is important that you follow this philosophy. The greatness that comes with having Black Belt character is exactly why Black Belts are so honored and respected by others.

Review the following descriptions to learn how to apply the philosophy of Black Belt character:

1. Use common sense.  Most situations in your life include a good or bad choice.  It shouldn’t be too difficult to know which is which.  For example: You find a purse with $100.  Would you keep it or take it to a local police station?  When you follow the Black Belt philosophy, you know you must return the purse to its owner, even though you may be tempted to keep the money.

2. Do what is best for somebody else.  Black Belt character is also your willingness to sacrifice for others. For example: You are invited to go bowling with your best friend on Saturday, but it is also your little sister’s birthday.  What would you do?  The Black Belt character choice is to sacrifice a day of fun with your friend for a day of fun on your sister’s special day.

3. Don’t expect a reward for doing right.  Black Belts have a higher code of character, so they don’t need a reward.  Black Belts know that the best reward is that they simply helped someone.  That is what makes the Black Belt philosophy so special, and why Black Belts are so honored and respected.

If you are a Black Belt or aspiring to be one, then this is a great lesson to practice every day.  If you apply the philosophy of Black Belt character to everything you do, then your life will improve.  You will be able to make the world a better place.

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