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The Value of Perseverance


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“Of course it’s hard; if it were easy then everyone would do it!”  This is a phrase I hear often at King Tiger Martial Arts.  Inevitably it is proclaimed just prior to providing the needed assistance required to help a student or staff member overcome an obstacle that is hindering their success. Sometimes it is uttered as a reassurance and often it bursts forth as a battle cry, but without doubt this phrase speaks to the underlying attitude of perseverance which dominates and uplifts our Academy.

Perseverance is defined as “steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.  The following article by Glen Hopkins speaks eloquently to the value of persistence.

by: Glen Hopkins, Source Unknown

One of the keys to being successful in anything you do is persistence. Once you have determined exactly what it is you want to accomplish, you must take massive action on a consistent, persistent basis in order to succeed. Think of it like building a muscle. If you have never weight trained before, the first time you walk into a gym, chances are you will not be able to bench press 250 lbs. However, if you are persistent, and you consistently go back to the gym, you will find yourself getting stronger and closer to your goal with each and every visit.

One of the things you’ll notice on your journey towards your goal, are roadblocks. That is, you will encounter obstacles that seem to jump out of nowhere in an attempt to halt your progress. Count on these obstacles. They are a part of life. Everyone would have every success they ever wanted if there were no obstacles. Your job is to be persistent and work through those obstacles. If you find little or no obstacles along the way, chances are you are not really challenging yourself. And when you do reach your goal, you won’t experience the feeling of ‘sweet success’. Make your goal a challenging one!

If you take the time to study any successful person, you will learn that the vast majority of them have had more ‘failures’ than they have had ‘successes’. This is because successful people are persistent; the more they stumble and fall, the more they get right back up and get going again. On the other hand, people that don’t get back up and try again, never reach success. For example, Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before he got financing for his dream of creating the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Today, due to his persistence, millions of people have shared ‘the joy of Disney’. Colonel Sanders spent two years driving across the United States looking for restaurants to buy his chicken recipe. He was turned down 1,009 times! How successful is Kentucky Fried Chicken today?

Having said this, keep in mind that you must constantly reevaluate your circumstances and the approach you are using to reach your goal. There is no sense in being persistent at something that you are doing incorrectly! Sometimes you have to modify your approach along the way. Every time you do something you learn from it, and therefore find a better way to do it the next time.

Today is the day to begin your journey, using consistency and persistency, towards tomorrow’s successes!

Remember, everyone grows discouraged at times… that’s normal.  But don’t give in to those feelings!  Pick yourself up, try again and don’t make quitting an option.  Through vision, consistency and perseverance, you will find yourself reaching your goals within our academy as well as in school, work, and in all areas of your life.

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