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We have finally made the decision to get in shape and start our journey of eating healthy and exercising. We have been cutting out a lot of the foods we normally eat and enjoy. We’ve traded the couch for the gym and chips for carrots. It hasn’t been easy, but we know it will be worth it. After surviving what has seemed like an eternity of sweaty workouts and consuming more vegetables than a rabbit, we step on the scale only to see a small loss in weight. Discouraged, we start to second guess why we are doing this to ourselves and are on the brink of abandoning our efforts altogether. Numerous people have been in this position, and some are likely wrestling with this right now. If this is you or has ever been you, know you are not alone! The struggle is real, and we hope this will be the catalyst that helps you overcome and push forward.

Remember, when it comes to getting healthy it should be about the whole picture and not just any one aspect. Don’t focus entirely on the scale as that is just one piece of the puzzle and will not give you a complete picture of where you are and where you are headed. We all need to eat healthy and exercise. There isn’t a person alive that wouldn’t benefit from it. Knowing we can’t focus on any one thing, let’s take a look at what encompasses the whole picture.

•The scale — Have you lost weight? We all have an ideal weight for our age, height and gender. We should still aim to lose weight. Just remember that is only one of many things we should monitor during our journey to a healthier version of ourselves.

•Measurements — The scale may not reflect the progress you have made. You could be developing muscle while torching fat. People often say that muscle weighs more than fat, but that is not an accurate statement. A pound is a pound. What they should be saying is that muscle is much denser than fat. This means that a pound of muscle will take up less space than a pound of fat. So, the scale may not show significant drops in weight, but your measurements should be getting better and you should notice your clothes are fitting looser than before. On an equally, if not more important note, you should see progress in more than just your outward appearance. Some or all of those things your doctor tests for when they have you do blood work during your yearly physical should show signs of improvement as well.

•Fitness Levels – Take a look at what you can accomplish now in comparison to before you started. You are probably lifting more weight or at least the same weight, but with substantially more reps. You may not have been able to do one push up prior, and you can now crank out 10 without feeling like you are going to eat the floor! You are moving around easier and day-to-day tasks are a lot less of a struggle. You can walk or run around the block without being gassed. You take the stairs in your office and/or home without automatically looking for the elevator or wishing you could have one installed!

In the end, remember small progress is still progress! Don’t get caught up in one measurable stat. Focus on the entire picture to give yourself a better idea of how much progress you have made. Educate yourself and keep pushing forward, you won’t regret it!

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