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Three Questions To Ask Yourself About Motivation

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What is motivation? Motivation is an inner drive that inspires people to take actions. Motivation is something that keeps us working hard and helps us to complete our tasks and reach our goals. Motivation describes why people do things when they are trying to accomplish tasks and goals in their life.

For example, you may say that someone is so motivated to get their black belt that they spend every night at home practicing and attend private lessons every week, or a student that wants to get into a good college spends all of their free time in study hall in order to get good grades. Motivation comes within a person and cannot come from anywhere else. You have to learn what drives you and keeps you motivated so that you keep on track with achieving all of your goals in life whether it be at home, at school or in martial arts.

There are several different components to motivation which include activation, persistence and intensity.

Activation is your decision to start a new behavior, such as enrolling in martial arts classes to pursue your black belt, get physically fit or learn self-defense.

Persistence is when you decide to always put effort in to working towards your goals even if obstacles get in your way. This would be like taking multiple martial arts classes or adding private lessons to your schedule in order to earn your next rank belt. Even if you run into struggles like time management or injuries, you will not give up until you reach that next rank.

Intensity is how concentrated you are on reaching your goals. When you stay concentrated on your goals, your work and dedication will show through. You may notice other students just kind of glide through classes and do not take things seriously because they are not focused and intense about martial arts and their goals.

Staying motivated involves using all of these key actions. So ask yourself these three questions to help you understand YOUR motivation:

  1. You already used activation by enrolling in martial arts classes, but what is another behavior you can start to help you in this sport?
  2. How are you persistent in your martial arts goals?
  3. What other actions help youstay motivated?