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Three Self-Defense Basics Every Child (and Parent) Should Know | King Tiger Martial Arts Blog – Chesapeake VA

Three Self-Defense Basics Every Child (and Parent) Should Know


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When it comes to self-defense, the best weapon is your … head. Yes, the head is the best weapon for personal protection because that’s where we store all of the rules and knowledge we use to avoid putting ourselves in harm’s way. For a child to be able to remember the basic safety rules that keep them safe and secure, they need to be reminded and reminded regularly. That’s the spirit of our message this week. Allow us to give you a reminder of three basic self-defense concepts that go a long way in helping your child (and you!) to stay safe.

  1. THE CAR RULE. A child should never, ever go with or get in a car with anyone, unless they have their parent’s direct permission.
  2. STICK WITH THE ADULTS. Children are the safest outside of the home when they’re with responsible, observant adults. The “buddy system,” (when a child is with a sister, brother, or playmate) won’t keep a child safe and shouldn’t be relied on by parents and caretakers. There are many instances of abductions and other crimes happening when children are with a “buddy.”
  3. INSTINCTS MATTER! With personal protection and self-defense, follow your instincts. Children and their parents should be taught to recognize, trust and follow their gut instincts. If a situation or person makes you or your child uneasy, if something, ANYTHING, doesn’t “feel” right, believe in your feelings and act on them.

Most people a child will come in contact with are kind, safe to interact with, and mean them no harm; but with self-defense in mind, it’s best to have a philosophy of “expect the best, prepare for the worst.”

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