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Two Essential Qualities Of A Successful Competitor

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Every successful competitor must have both the desire to win and the motivation to continuously improve.

Vince Lombardi said, “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to is.” But what does a “wanting to win” attitude even mean? Well, having the desire to win is an essential quality for any competitor. When you walk into “battle,” you have to decide you want victory more than your opponent. However, desire is not enough. You have to train with this attitude and prepare with it, too. You can’t just walk into a competition, wish to be the best, and win. It doesn’t work that way. Practice and preparation are a necessity!

Furthermore, continually improving is also an important quality for any competitor. But what if you are currently winning most of your competitions? Why is it important to improve, even when you win?Even during winning streaks, winners still strive to improve and challenge themselves to reach the next level. Imagine earning your first belt and deciding you have done your best and don’t need to improve any more. Would you ever be able to reach your goals of becoming a black belt or, possibly, an instructor one day? Success in any competition should not mean the end of training or improvement. It should be a sign you’re doing well and be used as a stepping stone to continue reaching higher and higher to reach your goals.

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