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Using the Martial Arts to Combat Bullying

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According to a nationwide study of children in grades six through ten, nearly one of every three U.S. children is affected by bullying. Bullying is defined as verbal or physical behavior designed to confront someone less powerful.

Attacks can include spreading rumors; making sexual comments or gestures; or belittling someone about religion, race, looks or speech, in addition to the commonly recognized behavior of hitting, slapping or pushing. The study reported that children who were targets of bullies had increased difficulty making friends and they often suffered from low self-esteem. It also revealed that children who did the bullying were more likely to have poor grades and to smoke and drink alcohol.

Studying the martial arts can help children who might be victimized by bullies by instilling in them a high level of self-esteem.

Children who study the martial arts at King Tiger Martial Arts are guided through a system of training that creates a series of consecutive, small successes that are designed to build confidence and skills. In addition, our martial arts instructors emphasize and encourage the building of friendship among their students; friendships based on respect and courtesy. For children who are at risk of becoming bullies, our martial arts program allows for a healthy physical and emotional outlet, while teaching a philosophy of respect for others, self-discipline and positive behaviors.

If your child or someone you know is exhibiting behavior that suggests he or she is either a victim or perpetrator of bullying, then let the head instructor know. If the child is already a student, then we can teach him or her how to cope with bullies better. If you know of a child who behaves like a bully, then we’ll be happy to provide that family with a guest pass to the school.

It’s been our experience that the most timid children can gain amazing self-confidence through martial arts training. We’ve also seen many bullies change their ways with the right encouragement, guidance and instruction.

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