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What Children Need to Be “Happy”

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As caring parents, we want our children to be happy. martial arts

When they are upset, it can pull at our heart. When our children are feeling blue, having performed poorly when they tried so hard or just had a fight with a best friend, we often go out of our way to put a smile back on their faces. We want to make things better. martial

Sometimes parents can misinterpret their children’s momentary behavior as unhappiness. Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D., contributing author of The Growth of the Mind, says, “You have to look beyond the giggles and the smiles. m

Life is a series of dichotomies: There is happiness and there is sadness. A happy, healthy child is one who is capable of fully engaging in all the emotions, all the thoughts and all the relationships of his age group.” Although they may feel bad at times, that does not make them unhappy children. Greenspan says in order to be happy, a child must be able to explore a full range of emotion, expression and experience.” martial arts

To achieve this goal for all students, especially children, complete support from parents is necessary — especially during times when children may not appear as excited to attend their martial arts class as they have in the past. martial arts

All students experience highs and lows throughout their martial arts training. The key is to allow children the opportunity to grow during this challenging period by not skipping class on request .martial arts

According to child experts, happy children are generally self-confident, optimistic and achieving. According to Martin Seligman, PhD and President of the American Psychological Association, “Children feel good because of what they are able to do — meet challenges, master skills, overcome failures. “ martial arts

Happiness is just a marker, a barometer of their ability to do these things. martial arts

Children thrive on challenge — they should be encouraged to do their best and strive for the highest possible goal. In this way they gain confidence that they can achieve things through their own efforts. martial arts

Keeping your children happy requires a lot of effort, but also the ability to let your children develop from a full range of experiences. martial arts

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