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What is Your Potential?

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The popularity of martial arts training can be attributed to its appeal to many age groups.

Because the martial arts have such a diverse following, individual progress and expectation can vary greatly among students. For this reason, especially, it is important to understand your potential and only compare your achievements to your possibilities.

Expertise in the martial arts comes with years of continuous training; however, you may never be able to execute a flying side kick across a room or fall into a full 180-degree split, which is okay. You can still be a successful martial artist with great physical and mental skills. martial arts martial arts martial arts

A middle-aged man, who is a martial arts student, had only one arm. One could argue that having only one arm was a disadvantage that would severely affect his martial arts abilities. In reality, Frank possessed incredible leg strength and hip control that produced very powerful kicks, which made him a great fighter and martial artist. martial arts martial arts martial arts

There are also martial artists who could be described as “Mr. Miyagi types:” Great fighters with mental focus, quickness and technique. Think of the martial arts as a personal expression of individual strengths, which are different in each participant that results in self-defense.

What’s your potential? martial arts martial arts martial arts

Start with your martial arts assets. Are you strong, flexible, tall or short, quick, accurate or energetic? How’s your balance, concentration and hand-eye coordination? These are just a few examples of personal characteristics that may be your strengths, or even your weaknesses.

Martial arts training certainly will diminish your weaknesses, but the enhancement of your strengths will control the direction of your training and ultimately shape you as a martial artist.

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