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What’s Your Reputation?


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What comes to mind when you read the names Michael Jordan, Michelle Kwan, and Tiger Woods? Okay, other than being top world-class athletes? They have reputations for displaying good sportsmanship. How did these players reach the top being formidable, tough opponents, yet illustrate good sportsmanship and fairness? More importantly, how can I instill these traits in my children? Sit down with your children and write a Code of Ethics. Begin with your goals and what is expected from the athlete and the parent. You might include some of the following.

My goal is to have fun, develop motor skills, positive self-image, and physical fitness. Winning, a college scholarship, or to get in the pros are not goals.

As a parent, I shall set an example in the stands. I will be a role model for the players and parents on both sides. I will not criticize any child’s abilities including my own. I will ground my children from playing if they are unable to use self-control. I will teach my children alternate ways to deal with anger, and how to channel that anger in positive ways.

As an athlete, I will play fairly and honestly. I will ignore taunting, and not participate in fighting. I will have good and bad days, but they will not determine my self-worth. I will respect the game officials and coaches. I will enjoy victory, but I won’t gloat. I will not be a poor sport if I lose. I will respect my opponent. Win or lose, I will sincerely thank the other team for a good game because, without them, I could not have played. I will not use inappropriate language. I will show good sportsmanship even when others don’t.

Remember more and more kids are playing sports, but a large number drop out by junior high. Kids drop sports because they are no longer fun. Winning isn’t the number one priority of kids, and they don’t like a win at all cost attitude. Every parent and grandparent I spoke with said they felt deeper pride when someone complimented their child’s attitude and sportsmanship over their skill.

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