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Who Are You In Competition With?

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“I’m not in competition with anybody but myself. My goal is to beat my last performance.” ~ Celine Dion

How do you feel about competition? Our greatest competition is not usually with others, but with ourselves as we constantly work to increase our performance and achieve our best. Developing a healthy habit of competing with yourself is important to pushing through to the next performance level. Becoming stagnant is a surefire way of burning out or becoming bored with your training or with life itself.

So how can you challenge yourself to become better every day? Take small challenges, whether against yourself or others, to encourage and motivate yourself to step up and want to become better. The martial arts have a great built-in system of checking progress. Every belt test should be an opportunity to see growth within your training.

Our next Tae Kwon Do Belt Exam is coming up September 22nd. How about it? Are you ready to challenge yourself to your best performance? See you there…