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Why? We ask the same thing for any activity we are contemplating having our child or children participate in. Sometimes it’s because we did when we were younger or maybe we want them to just be active and not sit in front of the TV every moment of their free time. You are sitting here now, reading this article and have already thought of some benefits to signing your child or children up for martial arts lessons. There are so many mental and physical benefits, it would be impossible to create a comprehensive list, but here are a few of our favorite reasons to train.

Personal Development

Martial arts is an individual sport taught in a group setting. There are social aspects to training, but everyone succeeds on their own accord. Students are learning to set goals and work towards them through the ranking system. They are always working towards a new rank, and with reaching that goal comes new skills, techniques and content for them to learn. This keeps them motivated.

The mental benefits and qualities that martial arts teaches and instills in its students can be seen in all aspects of the student’s life outside of class. There are many, and they include things such as focus, discipline, self-control and perseverance. Martial arts molds and shapes students from the inside out and places just as much value on the mental aspects as it does on the physical.


We all need fitness, and martial arts provides a means that doesn’t always feel like working out. Students have seen significant fitness results from their training, and most enjoy the process more than a traditional fitness program. Not only do members get in shape, but their training also complements other sports and activities they participate in.

Practical Self-Defense

In a world where not everyone is treated equal and those that do not “fit in” or are viewed as different or weaker are picked on verbally and physically, it is a good idea to know how to properly defend yourself. Not only are your children going to learn skills to physically defend themselves if the situation calls for it, they will also develop the confidence to stand and walk tall, to hold their head high and to speak with a voice that will be heard. Most of the time, confidence is the first line of defense that will prevent you from having to test your physical abilities. Who doesn’t want that?

We can go on and on. No other activity or sport out there will build a person both mentally and physically as much as martial arts will. This decision will be one of the best you make for your child or children’s lives. It will not only positively impact them now, but will be something they carry with them for the rest of their lives!

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