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Winners Build On Mistakes

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“Winners build on Mistakes. Losers dwell on them.” ~ Arnold Mori

What happens when you are doing your best and you make a mistake? It happens to us all. Do you fall apart and want to quit, or do you try your hardest to do better the next time? Sometimes we may be trying our best and still don’t succeed right away. Dig in, become persistent and keep trying. Sometimes success takes time.

You can choose a winning attitude and therefore, make winning a habit. When you make being a winner a habit, you learn that mistakes and set backs will happen. It’s what you do and how you handle them that will make all the difference. Choosing to dwell on your mistakes or obstacles takes your mind off the prize. It splits your focus and diverts your attention and energy into the negative. Being a good competitor, on the mat and in life, means you move past challenges and obstacles and use them to improve your outcomes.

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